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Projects — MP3 file sorter

Simple program to sort MP3 files into the folder hierarchy

<output dir>/<artist>/<album>/<track>.mp3

I used it to sort thousand of MP3 files recovered by photorec. To run the script you have to install python3, mp3info and id3v2.

debian: $ sudo apt-get install python3 id3v2 mp3info

Usage: [--dry-run] <input directory> <output directory>

It's save to reexecute the script multiple times. It will not overwrite existing files.

The script can handle ID3v1 and to some extend ID3v2.y tags. It depends on the external programs mp3info and id3v2.


You can clone the git repository using the command:

$ git clone


GPLv3 or later. See file header in file