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Blog – 2016-12-04 – My OpenSource Contributions

Here is a personal note for the internet. If you try to find my personal opensource contributions as a software developer (hobbiest and professional), you need to search for my birth name Stefan Christ and my new married name Stefan Lengfeld, since I got married this summer.

Here is a list of opensource projects that I already contributed to:

To get a list of all my patches, you can use git log -E --author <regex> like:

$ git log -E --author "(Lengfeld|Christ) Stefan|Stefan (Lengfeld|Christ)"

To see also patches that I contributed to (containing something like 'Tested-by:' in the commit message) you can use git log -E --grep <regex>:

$ git log -E --grep "(Lengfeld|Christ) Stefan|Stefan (Lengfeld|Christ)"

The command does not match the author of the commit, but most patches contain my 'Signed-off-by:' in the commit message anyway.

P.S.: I have a github account, too. But I don't really use it yet.