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  1. 2024-03-01: Digital Future - Embedded Software

    Diese Woche war ich zu Gast mit Florian Limberger beim inovex Podcast - Digital Future und wir haben uns mit Wolfgang Schoch über Embedded Software unterhalten. Hier könnt ihr das Ergebnis nachhören: Digital Future - Was macht die Entwicklung von Embedded Systems so besonders?

  2. 2024-01-25: crosspost Glass-To-Glass Latency on Android

    On my company's website I have published a new blogpost. It's called Glass-To-Glass Latency on Android – How Fast Is Your Smartphone’s Camera Really?. If you don't want to read a lot of text, you can also watch the contents of the post as a video. A gave a 30 minute talk Measure and investigate the glass to glass latency in Android at the AOSP and AAOS November Meetup.

  3. 2022-04-03: crosspost What I Want From an Embedded Build System

    At my day job I am still busy writing blog posts. One of them was release last week. It's titled What I Want From an Embedded Build System!. It lists all the requirements that I want from an embedded build system. My favorite and one of the most important requirement is the full-stack patchablity. The catchy name is on purpose.

  4. 2021-11-17: crosspost AOSP Advanced Development Tricks

    This post is just a reference to another blogpost I have written.

    At my dayjob I work extensively with the Android OpenSource Project (AOSP). Since I do this for multiple years now, I have learned and discovered a lot of tricks that make development easier and faster.

    So I have written a blogpost AOSP: Advanced Development Tricks and summerized them for you. I hope it's a good read.

  5. 2020-09-05: The Thinkpad X220 fan

    I own a Thinkpad X220 and the fan is sometimes annoying me. Even when the system is idle, a load average around 0.2 and the CPU is scaled down to the lowest frequency, the fan is spinning at a hearable noise.

    So I wondered whether it's possible to tune the cooling algorithm and software control the fan. Short answer: yes, it's possible.

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